Kids College Day 3

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today was all about mask making! I showed the students some of my sculptural leather masks, and we learned how to create a 3-Dimensional shape from a 2-Dimensional piece of leather using a wet form process. We talked about masks and discussed the long history masks have in our culture -- in social and religious celebrations and in theater performances. Then we experimented with methods of paper manipulation and created our own masks out of paper. We also went to the computer lab and explored digital media.

Kids College Day 2

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today at the Cape Fear Community College kid's summer art camp we learned about two artists that travel the world making large scale chalk murals on sidewalks: Julian Beaver, and my ol' pal Craig Thomas. Although their chalk designs are temporary and quickly disappear with rain, they love the idea of creating art for the public on a city street. In class we experimented with different chalk techniques and even made our own chalk using equal parts plaster and water (plus pigments)! Inspired by the Surrealist art movement, we ventured outside to do our own chalk murals. Our designs were filled with fantasy environments and animals. We were also joined by several new students from the Boys and Girls Club of Wilmington.

Of course, my lovely assistant: Brooke Stephens...