My SWEET new bike

Friday, May 30, 2008

Yesterday I got this awesome new bike from the local bicycle shop Two Wheeler Dealer. For the longest time, I have been riding an old Mongoose that didn't really suit my body frame. I ended up with the Mongoose several years ago when a fellow soldier was being sent to Germany with only a days notice. He sold me the bike for "whatever was in my pocket"...which ended up being $16.03, a bubble gum wrapper, a Chinese fortune, and some lint. It's served the purpose of a bike but now that I'll be riding a lot more, I was in need of a change.
I knew I wanted something more like a cruiser, but with gears. When I settled into the Electra Townie I knew I had to have it. It is everything I hoped for in comfort but is also a 21 speed. The pedals are set out more in the front and it has a big cushy saddle. And it's my favorite I had it fit with a heavy duty basket for carrying back groceries and supplies, a bell with a star on it, and front and rear lights. I did almost 20 miles yesterday and I'm not at all sore. Overall, a very sweet ride.

Slide Fun-Pix

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Last night I discovered this cool website that lets you do cool stuff to your photos. Fun!

New Website

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I've been so busy with the move to Wilmington that I forgot to announce the launch of my new website. I'm still working out a few kinks and I'm open to ideas for improvements.

Check it out at:

Additionally, my new address is:

Leslie Pearson
119 Nun Street, Apt. B
Wilmington, NC 28401

My route to work

Monday, May 26, 2008

As a full-time artist I can set my own work schedule, but I have high aspirations of being disciplined, especially when it comes to being at my studio and ready to work at about 9am every morning. It's only a one mile bike ride to ACME but this morning I decided to go the one mile ride to Greenfield Park. It's a beautiful place with a five mile loop around a huge lake. I did the loop twice then rode straight to work (another mile...making the total ride about 12 miles). I think this will be a great way to stay in shape and get my mind centered on the tasks ahead of me in the studio.

The park was filled with a variety of fragrant trees. There was a mix of new magnolia blooms, pine needles warming in the sun, and wisps of jasmine perfuming the air during my ride. The trail was busy with walkers, bikers, people pushing baby carriages, and dogs on leashes. It made me feel healthy and part of a community.

I think Wilmington is the perfect place to set down some deep roots! I can't wait to make this trail a part of my everyday routine.

Jewelry Class

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Yesterday I took a jewelry making workshop with the fabulous Erica Stankwytch Bailey, at the Fayetteville Museum of Art. I met Erica a few months ago at my exhibition opening at the Cape Fear Artists Studios and fell in love with her beautiful handmade jewelry. After a few hours into the class I kicked myself for not getting into these workshops earlier because it was a blast. I got to work with a blowtorch and crushed glass all day making a unique necklace pendant. I can't wait to get my own blowtorch and try to make a few pieces to give out as gifts.

The finished product!!

May Acme Exhibition Opening

Saturday, May 24, 2008

We had another great exhibition opening at Acme this month.

End of a Season

Friday, May 23, 2008

This was my last week of teaching at Fayetteville Christian School. I am ready to return to my days of being a full-time artist but after two years, I have to admit that I'm a bit attached to some of the kids. It's the end of another season in life and as usual, I'm torn. I also had to wrap up the private lessons I do from home. As you can see from the photo of the Ayers brothers doing some preliminary drawings on the floor, there's literally nothing left to work on in my house.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We're nearing the end of our time in Fayetteville. The day we moved here five years ago, we knew we would eventually move on. Fayetteville is the kind of place where people are always passing through but never putting down any roots...typical military town. The very best part about living here has been a growing friendship with the Bjorns. The Army brought them here but now they are ready to move on as civilians. They spent the weekend with us in Wilmington and I'm still trying to talk them into making it their new home...but alas, it looks like they'll be heading to Washington State. This whole experience is very bittersweet for us. We will miss Dana and Rachel!!

Shelby's Painting

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A few months ago my friend Julie commissioned me to do a painting for her daughter Shelby, who I've been doing private lessons with all year. I've grown very attached to Shelby and wanted to do something special for her that she could enjoy now (at age 10) and forever. Julie gave me total control and allowed me to do anything I wanted...she was so trusting that she even paid me before seeing the piece. She wanted to see it for the first time with Shelby, so they could share the experience together.

Yesterday was the big unveiling and they both loved it. The piece is called Seek Truth and is an extension of my Wingspan series, in which I use bird imagery. It's a three-dimensional, mixed media painting that I mounted plexi-glass on and painted in reverse to create a layer of depth when properly lit. I incorporated the words: "seek truth, live free" as a personal reminder to Shelby to seek the truth in all things. By doing this, she will be free of the kind of things that could keep her bogged down in life. She loved it, not only for the message but also because I used her favorite color combination: blues and browns.

William Penn Foundation

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My painting, In Tight Quarters, was selected to be in a year-long exhibition at the William Penn Foundation. The exhibit will be located in their headquarters in Center City Philadelphia. There will also be a reception, which I will announce later but for now, consider this a personal invitation to attend. The William Penn Foundation has a steady stream of visitors from the International business and arts community as well as from the local region. The exhibition was curated by Mary Salvante of Salvante Fine Art Services.

About the William Penn Foundation:
The William Penn Foundation, founded in 1945 by Otto and Phoebe Haas, is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Greater Philadelphia region through efforts that foster rich cultural expression, strengthen children's futures, and deepen connections to nature and community. In partnership with others, the Foundation works to advance a vital, just, and caring community. Learn more about the Foundation online at

William Penn Foundation
Two Logan Square, 11th Floor
100 North 18th Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
Tel: (215) 988-1830

Image: In Tight Quarters by Leslie Pearson, Acrylic paint, glue and sugar on gessoed paper, 29" x 7", 2003.

The Scribbler

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Image: "Scribble Squares #1", digital media, by Leslie Pearson, 2008

This is very cool! Check out the Scribbler