Glessner Workshop

Monday, February 21, 2011

I had an awesome time this weekend in Lorraine Glessner's Workshop called Rust Printing, Composting and Branding: Adventures in Mark Making.

Workshop overview:
There was an intense focus on the process of mark-making in this workshop, involving the exploration of the act of drawing as a vehicle for the discovery of form, materials and ideas. With an emphasis on mixed-media, we explored the mark-making possibilities of branding (creating marks and patterns with fire, heated metal tools and objects), rust printing and composting. We then responded to these marks utilizing various techniques and media. Throughout the workshop, we were prompted by a series of thought provoking exercises that questioned what a drawing is in terms of processes and methodologies. These exercises were not geared toward drawing from observation, but rather toward process, experimentation and providing visual form to that which has no form - thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings, etc. We were encouraged to step out of our comfort zones by increasing our ability to create, see and respond to mark-making, to utilize a variety of styles and media, to draw intuitively and to integrate this new information creatively. Long story short...super fun!