Day 1

Friday, January 1, 2016

Leslie Pearson

leslie@lesliekpearson.comIt's a new year and I've got a new list of goals to accomplish. Dare I post the list? Nah, its lofty and personal. Some of the items are on going and others are new. I've got a very busy schedule in 2016 and I already feel as if there's not going to be enough time in the year to get everything done that is needed. I'll take each day one at a time and eventually it will be January 1st 2017 and I'll reflect on how well I did with my list. Same thing I did today with 2015's list. A couple of things did get crossed off, namely the marathon and landing a teaching job at a university. Things that didn't get crossed off (a hot air balloon ride and the Army 10 miler) are already transferred to 2016's list.
I spent Day 1 doing what I love, making art (see photos of stretched gut) and hanging out with my true loves (Justin, Stuart Little, and Pucci Roo). I ate black eyed peas and collards and even slipped away for a matinee movie. Off to a great start I'd say.