Virtual Connections

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I just sent in my contribution to the Virtual Connections project.
Virtual Connections is an international fiber art collaboration, with a virtual and actual quilt being the end result. Artists from thirteen different countries are taking part in the project.

My 3" x 3" square was inspired by a photograph I took of the painted rocks in Michigan. I printed it on cotton and layered two squares on top of each other. I then did free motion stitching and cut away sections to reveal the layer beneath. I washed and dried it to fray the edges and backed it on a scrap of an old drop cloth. I was thinking about how as an artist it's easy to build walls of isolation around myself, but the Internet allows me to break through these barriers and make connections with other people. It's through my online relationship with J. Penney Burton that I found out about this project.