This Guy

Saturday, June 6, 2015

He wouldn't consider himself a hunter but he's actually very good at everything he does and so it is with hunting. I've gone out stalking with him each day and it's more ethical and strenuous than most people would think it is. A lot of searching, tracking, and hiking. We've been hunting plaines game which are all animals commonly eaten in the area in homes and restaurants and are plentiful. Only males of a mature age are acceptable to shoot and skilled hunters can take an animal with one clean shot. Sometimes it takes all day and sometimes you come back to the camp empty handed. Everyday for all of our meals we dine on the plains game, which is delicious and so healthy since the animals roam about wild and free on about 25,000 acres within the hunting area. Personally I think venison is much better than any beef or pork that we eat in the States. Today he got a zebra which will make a beautiful rug or ottoman and will be eaten later on. The pattern on the hide is so unique! I'm also keeping the skull for my skull collection.